Greeting remarks from Dr. Andreas Lochbrunner, Chairman of the DSV

Dear Folk Boat Sailors!

I have the pleasure to send you a warm welcome on behalf of Deutscher Segler- Verband and to invite you to take part in the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2015 in Rostock-Warnemünde!

The history of this prestigious regatta goes back to the year 1963, when the Gold Cup was donated by a Lübeck senator and was held for the first time. Since then, the Gold Cup has enjoyed an ever growing popularity and is now considered to be one of the most important Folkboat events in Europe, if not worldwide. The success of the Gold Cup depends on two aspects - the enthusiasm and sporting commitment of the participants and the work and devotion of the organizing parties, namely the hosting Spandauer Yacht-Club, the Rostocker Regatta Verein, the city of Rostock, the German Folkboat Association and numerous sponsors. They show an immense level of passion and professionalism in order to provide for an unforgettable regatta. Credit is due to all of them.

So take a chance to get involved in this unique sailing event and set sail for the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2105 - I look forward to seeing you in Rostock- Warnemünde next year!