Greeting Remarks of the Mayor of the Hanseatic city of Rostock, Roland Methling

The perfect wave
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
dear sailing friends,

I sincerely welcome you to the contests in regards to the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2015 here at the water mouth of the Warnow at the Baltic Sea. Warnemünde as one of Germany’s most beautiful sailing areas is not only the venue for regattas of the Baltic Sea capable boat category at hand. It is also the venue of the 130th anniversary celebration of our host, the Spandauer Yacht-Club, Berlin, who is being supported by the Rostocker Regatta Verein. Congratulations!


During 52 years of Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup history this is already the second time after 1995 that Warnemünde as a district of Rostock has been chosen as the venue for the Gold Cup Sailors. This can’t be a coincidence. Also 130 years ago, dedicated citizens formed the Yacht Club Association of Rostock. Back then, it hasn’t been foreseeable that the sailing utilisation of the Warnow and the water mouth could gain particular importance for our hanseatic city. Ups and downs affected three centuries of sailing in Rostock: Many times sailing was considered most unimportant, but many times sporting activities were alltogether impossible for sailors.

The favorable position at the navigable Warnow all the way to its water mouth has substantiated the success of Rostock already during the early Middle Ages. Since its foundation eight centuries ago the Hanseatic City of Rostock has been defined by its position by the water.

As one of the first cities in the German alliance of hanseatic cities and as a crucial imporium at the Baltic Sea the City of Rostock soon attained wealth and relative autonomy. Maritime collective economy with shipping, shipbuilding and port industry used to determine and still determines the clock pulse at the Warnow und Baltic Sea today. The sailing area close to Warnemünde is famous for its perfect wave. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Germany’s Baltic Sea. The long waves with hardly any current in the stretched bay between Stolteraa and Rosenort are almost ideal.

Sailing in Rostock has been established in the meantime. Without any doubt it has become one showpiece of Rostock. However, the “coronation” has not been granted to the city, yet: Olympic sailing contests on domestic waters. The applications for Olympia 2000 and 2012 have impressively shown the great potential enthusiasm of citizens of Rostock. Consequently, Rostock is again available as a sailing associate in regards to the German application for Olympia 2024 or 2028. Especially by the means of the middle mole the city takes its leave with a great area which has proved regatta capability annually since 1926 during the Warnemuende Week.

My gratitude applies to everyone who has gotten involved with the organisation, sourcing and processing of the contests in reference to the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2015. I wish all sailors good luck and happy sailing und always six inches water under the keel!

Roland Methling
Mayor of the Hanseatic city of Rostock