The safe path to your Entry

This Site provides a number of useful features. Some of them are only available for the participants of the Gold Cup 2015 which are known to the system. Hence, an online registration pays. We will explain in detail, how to safely add your entry to the Gold Cup 2015. Preferably, open another browser window in which you can add your own entry simultaneously to this clarification. Choose the following link:

Register Yourself at the Website

With this first step you register yourself to the Gold Cup 2015 site. Please please enter your name and your e-mail address. We assume that the Skipper himself registers at this Website. If not, please enter the full name of the skipper at this point. We will send you an automatically created e-mail to validate your account. After successful verification, that the e-mail address belongs to you, you will get further options which are only available to  the participants. One of them is to add an entry for yourself for the Gold Cup 2015.

To start the registration process, choose "Login/-out" from the menu. A login form will appear on the screen where you can later authenticate yourself to the site.  But first select the link "Don't have an account?" at the lower left of this form. You are forwarded to the registration form.

Register your personal Data

In this form you can enter your personal data to register yourself to the system. The following data should be entered:

  1. Surname and Last Name – Enter your name as it should be displayed online in your entry. Please put your First Name before your Last Name. The sort order of Lists (e. g. the entry list) does not depend on this names.
  2. Username – Enter a short name her, which you will use for authentication later. Typically you should use only lower case characters for the username.
  3. Password – Choose a secret here. Be sure that the password consists at least of eight letters with lower case and upper cases characters.
  4. Confirm Password – Enter the same password as you entered before.
  5. Email Address – Enter your email address here. Every system message to you will be sent to this address. So it's necessary that  we reach you through this valid email address.
  6. Confirm email Address – Enter the same email address as you have done before.

Select "register" at the lower right corner of the form beside the green marker. The successful submission will be answered by a message on the screen.

Confirm your Email Address

You will now receive an email to the address you entered before with a validation link. This is to verify that the email address belongs to the registration. Please click on this link (or copy it in to your browser).

You will be forwarded to the Gold Cup Site. On the website you will be informed about the actual status of your registration.

Please Note! If you do not receive an email, please have a look at your spam folder. If there is also no confirmation email too, it may be possible that you have a typo in the mail address, although you entered it twice. If you cannot proceed here, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will kindly help you at this point.

An additional email will be sent to you, which informs you about the unlocking of your account. You are now able to enter for the Gold Cup 2015.

Note! If you do not receive an email at this point, please have a look into your spam folder. If here is is no email at all it may be that the email is delayed due to stress conditions. If you receive no email after a day, please inform us about this failure with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry for Gold Cup

Open the Site for Gold Cup 2015 via the url and proceed to the login form via the menu item "Login/-out". Enter your credentials here as you choosed them at the registration dialogue you finished before. Select "log in" at the lower right corner of the form.

Add a new Entry

If you visit the Entry list after you logged in, it has changed a bit. The introducing text is shorter than before, because the absence of the advice for the registration. But instead a link "Add" is shown. Click on it!

Enter the data for your boat

Now you can enter all the necessary data for the boat. Choose, on which date you want to use the cranes for the mast and the boat and give further information, which are required for the organization of the event. Note, that you must enter data into the fields which are marked with a star or an eye. It may be interesting to you that only a small part of the data is released to the public. Only your name, the name of your club and the number of your boat are shown at the entry list. All other data are used internally only to manage the Gold Cup event.

Enter the Data for your crew members

In the lower part of the form there is the section where you can enter the data of your crew members. In default, there is only one field set for one crew member. As you are sailing with two crew members, a link is provided for you to add another crew member. Please click the "+" at the right side of the form next to the green marker.

At the input field for the name, please enter the surname and the last name of your crew member as it should appear in the  entry list. Please be sure that the surname is before the last name to ensure a uniform appearance of the list.

The input field for the club is already filled with a placeholder. If your  crew member is in the same club as you are, you can leave it unchanged. Otherwise replace it by the name of the club of your crew member.

Choose the link "save" at the lover part of the form after you proved all the data you entered. But do not hesitate! If you find a mistake later, you are able to correct it afterwards.

Finally, you did it! You finished the entry for the Gold Cup 2015. We are already looking forward to welcoming you to Warnemünde!