Welcome on board and set sail for the Goldcup 2015 taking place in Warnemünde on July 13 to July 18.

The Gold Cup 2015 will take place in one of Germany's finest racing waters: the Baltic Sea, in front of beautiful beaches and the old city of Warnemünde. The Goldcup will be hosted by the Spandauer Yacht-Club Berlin and the Rostocker Regatta Verein. Further information and regular updates regarding the Gold Cup 2015 will be available on this website up until and during the Cup. Inquiries about the cup can be submitted to our Race Committee via Email, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Adjacent to its habour, Warnemünde offers excellent accommodations (holiday cottages, apartments, Bed & Breakfast's, 5* Hotels and camping facilities). We recommend to visit www.rostock.de/tourismus/ for accommodation and ferry bookings. For further information about Rostock and Warnemünde, please visit www.rostock.de/warnemuende/.

We look forward to seeing you in Warnemünde for the Nordic Folkboat Gold Cup 2015.